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How To
Create and Apply Report Section Templates
Create a report
Add images to reports and dashboards
Add dynamic date ranges to dashboards and reports
Clone a report section
How to clone a custom goal
Create a Lead Generation Report Webinar
Add any dashboard to a report
Why can't my report table widget be resized?
Create an SEO proposal for a prospective client or for lead generation
Show rankings for one specific keyword
Add thresholds and annotations to your report & dashboard widgets
Add totals to table widgets
Clone a widget
Approve reports before sending
Create a scheduled report
Create a report using a pre-configured report template
Create a report with data from multiple AgencyAnalytics campaigns
Download a report on demand
Create a report without setting a "send" schedule
Create a shareable link to a report
Email a report on demand
Clone an existing report
Edit a report's title
Modify a report's scheduled send time and recipients
View or modify design options on an existing report
Configure campaign time zone & report delivery time zone
Delete a report
Add sections to a report
Delete a report section
Customize report sections
Add widgets to a report
Customize report widgets
Rearrange report widgets
Resize report widgets
Remove report widgets
Set a different date range for each widget
How to add a custom stat widget
How to copy and paste widgets
Edit section headings in reports
Add title headers to reports
Customize title headers in reports
Resize title headers in reports
Add a campaign dashboard section
Add a cover page
Add a Table of Contents
Create a report template
Create a report template from an existing report
Create a report using a report template
Clone an existing report template
Edit report templates
Delete report templates
Bulk apply a report template to existing reports
Add a custom text box to your reports
Configure a custom text box widget
Add a task section to a report
Add a blank report page
Customize blank report pages
Import data from Google Sheets to a report
Add a Google Sheets table widget to a report
Configure a Google Sheets table widget in a report
Add a Google Sheets stat widget to a report
Configure a Google Sheets stat widget in a report
Work with language-based metrics and filters in reports
Work with location-based metrics and filters in reports
Manage starred keywords in a report
Manage tagged keywords in a PDF report
Compare to a previous period (Reports)
Toggle between sample data and live data in the report editor
Download historical reports
View report logs
Pause reports that have been scheduled
View report engagement data
Edit Report Backgrounds
Create a smart report
Restore a Deleted Report