How to manage tagged keywords in a scheduled PDF report

Similar to the functionality in the main Rank Tracker module itself, you can filter keywords by tag within our scheduled PDF reports.

To set this up, navigate to your reports interface. Create or open a scheduled or downloadable report. Add an SEO --> Rank Tracker section, or navigate to an already existing SEO --> Rank Tracker section.

Once there, hover your mouse over the widget you want to filter and click the ellipsis "..." icon in the upper right-hand corner. 

This will open that widget's settings. In the menu that appears, you'll see a section labelled "Tags", listing all tags that you've created for this campaign. Just as with the dashboard functionality, simply check the boxes for the tags which you would like to be displayed.

This will cause only those keywords with the tags that you've selected to be displayed in that widget. You can apply different tag filters to different widgets by repeating the above steps for other widgets.

As always, be sure to save your report before you exit.

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