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Show rankings for one specific keyword
Show rankings for one specific keyword

Add a "Keyword Ranking History" report section to see the ranking performance of a single keyword.

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Clients will often ask for a section that is dedicated to one specific keyword's performance. Our Keyword Ranking History option will help you present this information in your reports.

Where to start

In the menu that appears, click "SEO", choose "Keyword Ranking History", then click "Add Section".

You'll be presented with a list of all keywords in your campaign. Use the search box to find a keyword, or scroll through the list. Choose the keyword you want to show data for, then click "Save".

The selected keyword's ranking history will be displayed in the report.

Additional Information

Once you've added this report section, you can change the metric displayed on each widget. For example, you can change Google to Google Local, sort the table by a different metric, choose a different date range for the line chart, and more. These options are all accessible via the widget's settings.

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