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Create and Apply Report Section Templates
Create and Apply Report Section Templates

Save a report or dashboard section as a template, then apply it to your report!

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To save time on report building, you can save report or dashboard sections as templates, which can then be applied to a report as a section, or to a dashboard as a section.

Create a Report Section Template

To get started, navigate to any report that has a section you'd like to save, or create and design a new report section to your liking.

Once finished, hover over the Section name on the sidebar to the left, then click the ellipsis (...) to open a dropdown menu. In this menu, click Save Section as Template.

In the popover, enter in a name for this section template, then click Save.

This section has now been saved as an account wide template, which you can edit from the Sections tab of the Template page.

Apply Report Section Templates

To apply a report section template, the steps are almost identical to adding a section to your report.

From the report editor, click Add Section in the bottom left to open the Add Section menu.

Scroll to the bottom of the section list on the left to find Templates, and click to expand further.

Once expanded, the list will show all of your saved section templates, including saved dashboard sections.

Click on the one you'd like to reveal a preview on the right side of the screen, then click Add Section in the bottom left to add this to your report.

Once added, you can continue making changes to the section at will. Changes made to the section will not affect the existing section template, they will only change the instance that you're working in.

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