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Add sections to a report
Add sections to a report

Whether setting a report up for the first time or editing an existing report, just click the "Add Sections" button to begin adding sections.

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How to add sections to a report 

Report sections can be used to add different pages to your report. Some are for function, like a Table of Contents and Cover Page. Others are prebuilt with multiple widgets from different integrations, like the Email or PPC Overviews. By using these sections, your team can quickly and easily build out a report for your clients.

To add a section, click the "Add Section" button on the bottom left hand side of your screen.

Next, in the add section popover, choose the section you would like to add to your report. You can filter by integration via the dropdown menu above the list, or use the search to quickly find sections relevant to your needs.

You can also view available sections by clicking each category in the list. If it has a > beside it, that means it can be opened to reveal a sub-list of integrations.

For example, opening Email shows a list of our Email integrations. Then by clicking Hubspot, we can see all of the sections built for this integration. Clicking a section will highlight it with your selected brand colour, and the Add Section button will become available.

Once you've clicked the Add Section button, your chosen section will be added as a new page to your report, and you'll see it listed in the sections on the left hand side menu of the report editor.

To rearrange the order of sections, click on the icon beside any section in the left hand side menu and drag it up or down in the list.

You can also click the ellipsis "..." on any section in the left hand side menu to rename, clone, or delete a section; this "..." will appear upon hovering your mouse over any section in the left side menu.

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