How to customize report pages

Report are divided into "sections", and you have a wealth of customization options for these sections. Usually a section can be thought of as a report page, however sections can spread across multiple pages if they contain a lot of data (for example a table containing a lot of rows).

The fastest way to set up a report is by adding pre-made sections to the report. These sections will contain key metrics from any of our features and integrations.

You can also customize any report section, by adding new widgets to the section, by editing or deleting any widgets, or by moving and resizing widgets. 

For greater control, you can even add a completely blank report section and build it from scratch with individual widgets

If you need to add custom data or comments to any section, you can easily do so with textboxes, with headings, or with Google Sheets.

All of these options allow you to create highly customized reports featuring data from multiple integrations on one page. 

For example, you could create a report section called "PPC Overview" and add data from Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising (Formerly Bing Ads), Facebook Ads, and Adroll to create a cross-channel overview of a client's overall PPC performance, along with textboxes giving detailed comments on what that data means.

See the links below for specific customization options.

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