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Customize blank report pages
Customize blank report pages

Already added a blank page? Now, it's time to add widgets!

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How to customize blank report pages

Similar to adding widgets or custom text boxes to standard report sections, you can also add these items to blank report pages to create a bespoke report section. This tends to work exceptionally well for creating executive summaries or custom recommendations (that might optionally include an "upsell" for additional services!) and for building cross-channel pages that include data from multiple integrations.

This article assumes that you've already added a blank page to your report.

Start by opening your report and navigating to the blank page that you'd like to customize with widgets and content.
On the right hand side of the page you will see the Add Widgets sidebar. This sidebar can be collapsed or expanded by clicking the gray line on the right side of the page, as shown below.

From the Add Widget sidebar, you can add widgets to customize the page as you see fit. Options include integration widgets, as well as custom text boxes, image widgets, title headers, and even custom metrics if you're on certain plans.

Be sure to edit the section heading as well!

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