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Work with language-based metrics and filters in reports
Work with language-based metrics and filters in reports

Toggle the language column on/off and filter by language in reports by clicking the ellipsis "..." for the Rank Tracker table widget

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How to work with language-based metrics and filters

To get started, open your report, and navigate to the page with the rank tracker table widget.
The sidebar on each side of the page can be collapsed to create a larger view of your report workspace. To do so, click the gray bar to the left or right of the sidebar you'd like to collapse. When editing widgets, the Widget sidebar on the right needs to be expanded.

With the Widget sidebar open, click on the keyword table to select that widget for editing. When selected, you should see a colored outline around the widget. Click Data in the Widget Sidebar to switch to the data tab.

In the data tab, locate the Metrics area. Click the box, and either select Language from the dropdown, or type Language and hit enter. This will add the Language metric to the selected table widget.

The Metric filters in the table will match the order they are added in the Metrics box, under the Data tab. If you want to change the order, simply click Language, then drag and drop Language in the Metric box to it's preferred location. This will move the Language column on the selected widget.

Turning off the Language Column

To remove the Language column from a keyword widget, navigate to the Rank Tracker section of the report, then click the ellipsis "..." that appears when hovering your mouse over the table widget and click on Edit.

The Widget sidebar on the right will update to an edit panel. From there, go to the Data tab, locate the Metrics section, and click the X beside Language. This will remove the Language column from this widget.

Filter Keywords by Specific Languages

To filter a rankings widget by language, follow the same steps above to get to the "Edit Widget" mode. Then, go to the Data tab, click on the Search Language dropdown and select the language to filter from the dropdown.

When finished, save the report.

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