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Work with location-based metrics and filters in reports
Work with location-based metrics and filters in reports

Toggle the locations column on/off and filter by location for automated reports

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How to work with location-based metrics and filters

With every keyword requiring a location to be tracked, it's important to understand the location-based metrics and filters available to you.

In reporting (and dashboards), you have the ability to toggle the "Location" column on or off, and to filter by any location being tracked.

To get started, open your report, and navigate to the page with the rank tracker table widget.
The Widgets sidebar should appear on the right. This sidebar can be collapsed for a larger view of your report, or expanded for editing and adding widgets. To do so, click the gray expand line on the right of the page. If the Widget sidebar is open, it will appear to the left of the Widget sidebar, if it is closed, it will be on the far right of your page.

With the Widget sidebar open, click on the keyword table to select that widget for editing. When selected, you should see a colored outline around the widget. Click Data in the Widget Sidebar to switch to the data tab.

In the data tab, locate the Metrics area. Click the box, and either select Location from the dropdown, or type Location and hit enter. This will add the Location metric to the widget being edited.

The Metric filters in the table will match the order they are added in the Metrics box, under the Data tab. If Location should be the first column, click, then drag and drop the Location tag in the Metric box. This will move the location column on the selected widget.

Filter Keywords by Specific Location

Rather than showing all keywords ranking for all locations, you may want to filter keywords by different locations.

To filter keywords by specific location, ensure the keyword table widget is selected, then scroll down in the Widget sidebar on the right until Search Location is visible. Click this dropdown, then select the specific location to filter keywords by.

Be sure to save your report when finished.

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