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Clone an existing report
Clone an existing report

When creating new reports, you can clone an existing report as a starting point. You'll be prompted to do this during the creation process.

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How to clone an existing report

First, click the "Create Report" button from your Reports dashboard (or from within a campaign).

First, select the source of your new report. In this case, we want to clone an existing report.

Next, scroll through the list of existing reports or search for the report by name. Then, click the circle to select the report. Click continue in the bottom left to move to the next step.

In the next step, choose a title for your new report. Click Continue in the bottom left to save, and move on to editing and formatting your new report.

Cloning an existing report will make an exact duplicate of that report, and you'll then be free to make any changes you like and save them as a new report.

Note: Cloning an existing report will apply its existing widget settings or filters to the new report.

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