How to create a report template from an existing report

You can turn any report into a template, and then build upon it to meet your reporting needs. To do this:

From your root control panel, navigate to your "Reports" control panel.

Then, select the "Templates" tab.

Next, click "Create Template".

If you haven't created any templates yet, you'll see the "Create Template" button in the middle of the screen instead.

Either way, this will open the Report Template Creation Wizard. In the first step, give your report template a name, then click "Continue".

In the second step (Choose Source), select the "Clone an existing report" option.

You'll then be prompted to select an existing report to clone. Select from the list of reports and click "Continue".

Finally, you'll be presented with the main report template design editor, where you can add/customize sections and widgets just as you would when designing a standalone report. 

Customize your template to meet your business needs, then click "Save & Exit".

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