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Click "Create Report" and step through the report design wizard.

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How to create a report

First, head to the campaign that you're creating a report for. Then, select the "Reports" page using the navigation on the left-hand side of your screen.

From the Reports page, click the "Create Report" button in the upper right hand corner. This can be done from either the Scheduled or Unscheduled tab of the Reports page.

Create Report wizard

The Create Report wizard will appear where you'll choose the report source, choose the title, and start the design respectively.

First, decide on your source. This determines how you will start the design of your report.

Choose from:

  • A blank report. This gives you a fresh design with nothing pre-configured.

  • A smart report: This generates a report based off the integrations you currently have connected to a campaign.

  • A report template. This lets you start from either a template that you've created or a pre-configured template that we've made available.

  • An existing report. This allows you to clone an existing report from any campaign in your account as a starting point.

Click continue to move on to step two, where you can enter in the title for this report. Once you've written the title click Continue to generate a report.

Design Editor

Next, design your report, adding and configuring report sections and widgets as needed. See the "What's Next" section at the bottom of this article for links to articles that may help in completing your report design.

Once you've created the report, Save in the upper right hand corner. Continue to Save regularly as you make edits to your report.

When you're done editing, you can choose to Schedule the report via the Schedule tab at the top, or share this report by email, download it as a PDF, or share an email weblink.

What's Next

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