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Modify a report's scheduled send time and recipients
Modify a report's scheduled send time and recipients

Click the name of the report, then click Schedule at the top. This will open the scheduling wizard.

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How to modify a report's scheduled send time and recipients

From the Reports page, click Scheduled at the top to view a list of currently scheduled reports. Open the Report editor by clicking the name of the report you wish to modify. You can use the search function in the upper right to quickly locate a report.

The date range in the Report editor is the date range the report will cover once scheduled. If the Report date range is changed and the report saved, the new date range will be applied for the next scheduled report.

This will open the Report editor. From here, open the date range in the upper right then select the date range you'd like for this report.

Once you've selected the date range the report should cover, click Schedule at the top to open up the scheduling setup wizard.

This will open the schedule setup wizard where you can make changes to the report settings, send schedule and who it sends to.
The first section covers the Report schedule and optional report settings.

Next, scroll down to see the Email section, where you can make edits to the recipients, subject, and message that are sent with the report.

Make your desired changes, then click Save.

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