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Download a report on demand
Download a report on demand

Open the report for editing, then click "Save & Download"

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How to download a report on demand

If you've already saved a report, you can open the report and download a copy instantly. If you're inside the report editor, see further down this page for how to download an instant report.

To start, click the report in question to open its settings. You can do this with reports that have been schedule, or are currently unscheduled. Simply click the appropriate tab at the top, then the report in question.

Next, click the Share button in the top right, then Download PDF.

Configure the date range for which you'd like data to be applied to your instant report, then click "Download".

Your report will then download to your local device in PDF format.
If you want to download the PDF of a previously downloaded report, click the report you want to view a download for, like in the steps above.
Then, from within the report editor, click the Activities tab, then Downloads.

Finally, click the ellipsis, or ... on the far right of the download. Then in the dropdown, select download.

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