Report engagement data provides you with valuable business intelligence on how each of your individual customers is engaging with your automated reports.

Engagement data for each automated report includes:

  • Opened (Whether the recipient has opened the report email)

  • Clicked (Whether the recipient has clicked the report link to actually viewed the report)

  • Delivery Status (Sent or Error)

This data can be exceptionally useful in segmenting customers by engagement level and troubleshooting delivery issues.

To access this data, click the name of any report to navigate to the "Report Details" section for that report.

You'll then find the open rate, click rate, and delivery status under Report Activity. You can click on the ellipsis "..." on the right-hand side to see more detailed data for each recipient.

After clicking "View Recipients", a slide-out panel will appear. This panel shows each recipient's email address, the email delivery status, and whether the recipient has opened the report email and clicked to view the report.

You can also click on the "Downloads" and "Links" tab to see the report's download and share history respectively. You can click on the ellipsis "..." as shown below to see actions you can do for each report log.

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