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What does each report log email status mean?
What does each report log email status mean?

Overview of each possible email status from our sent report logs.

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When viewing report logs, you'll see a "Status" column to the left of the "Date Range" and "Open Rate" columns. This shows you the report's delivery status for each email.

Here is a list of each possible report status, and its meaning:

  • Pending: The email has been queued for sending, and will be sent soon.

  • Sent: The email has been sent.

  • Error: The platform encountered an error when sending the email.

If the status shows "Error", you can click on the ellipsis "..." on the right-hand side of the email and click "View Recipients" to see more information about the error.

This shows you the report's delivery status and error message for each recipient.

Here is a list of possible error messages and their meaning:

  • Delivered: The recipient's mail server has confirmed delivery.

  • Bounced: The email bounced back, meaning that it was unable to be delivered.

  • Inactive: An attempt was made to email a recipient that had already had a bounced email before. In this case, we recommend checking that the recipient's email address is correct, active, and they haven't marked any previous report emails as spam. If you're sure the email address is correct, reach out to our support team.

  • Invalid Sender: This is relevant for users with a custom white label email address, and indicates that the DKIM record is no longer present or valid.

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