When viewing report logs, you'll see a "Status" column to the left of the "Opened" and "Clicked" columns. This shows you the report's delivery status for each recipient.

Here is a list of each possible report status, and its meaning:

  • Pending: The email has been queued for sending, and will be sent soon.
  • Sent: The email has been sent.
  • Delivered: The recipient's mail server has confirmed delivery.
  • Bounced: The email bounced back, meaning that it was unable to be delivered.
  • Inactive: An attempt was made to email a recipient that had already had a bounced email before. In this case, we recommend checking that the recipient's email address is correct, active, and they haven't marked any previous report emails as spam.
  • Invalid Sender: This is relevant for users with a custom white label email address, and indicates that the DKIM record is no longer present or valid.
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