View report logs

Click the name of the report, then Activity at the top of the report editor, where you'll find your sent-report logs.

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Our report logs show records covering each time a report is generated, sent, opened, and more.

How to view report logs

Navigate to the Reports section via the left side menu.

Then, click the name of the report for which you'd like to view logs.

In the report editor, click Activity at the top, this will take you to the activity page.

You can select from three different logs at the top of the report activity: Emails, Downloads, and Links. Here's an overview of each of these three options.

Emails: An entry will appear for each time the automated report was sent, as well as details including the date sent, status, date range, open rate, and click rate. You can click the "..." button on the right of any entry to download this report, or to view more detailed report engagement data for each individual recipient.

Downloads: This logs each time your report has been downloaded as a PDF file from within our interface. The logs include date downloaded, status (generating or completed), and the date range the report is based on. You can click the "..." button to download this report again, or to delete it from this list.

Links: This section displays all of the sharable web links you have generated to your reports. You can click the "..." button to view, edit, delete, or to re-display the exact URLs for these web-based reports.

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