Download site audit results

Click the "Export" button at the top right, then choose either a PDF or XLS file, or a shareable web link.

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Site Auditor is available as a paid add-on in accounts created before November 2023. For more information please reach out to our friendly support team.

How to download site audit results

After running a site audit, you may want to download a copy of these results. There are two formats immediately available for download: PDF or XLS.

Detailed audit results can be downloaded for up 60 days, after that only the score and basic stats will be retained.

From within the relevant campaign, click the Share button in the upper right next to the perform audit button. In the dropdown click either download PDF or download XLS.

The report will then process, and can take a short while to be ready for downloading (depending on number of pages crawled, and the current load on our servers).
Open your notifications by clicking the bell icon in the top right, beside your user icon. When the download is ready, you can simply click the file to download.

To download a detailed list of audit errors, navigate to the error category in question by clicking the test title in the table. A slide out will open on the right, here you can click Export in the upper right then choose PDF or XLS to download a detailed copy for this test.

The report will then generate, and can be downloaded from the bell notification icon, as described previously in this article.

Note: If you need a full report covering all site auditor issues, use our report editor. You can add an SEO > Site Auditor > Full Audit report section which will include all issues we've detected.

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