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Approve reports before sending
Approve reports before sending

When you're scheduling a report, you'll see a "Require Approval" drop-down option.

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The report approval feature allows you to check all of the data in your reports before they're sent to clients. You'll be able to make changes, add extra metrics for context, or include comments explaining anything unexpected.

This feature is available on some of our plans. If you're unsure if you have access, check our pricing page or reach out to our support team.

How to enable report approval

Report approval can be set up when you're creating a scheduled report (see here), and can also be configured for existing reports.

To enable report approval on an existing report, click the name of the report in question to edit the report's details. Existing scheduled reports will be under the Scheduled tab of the Reports page.

At the top of the screen, click Schedule to see the report's scheduling settings.

From here you can edit the scheduling settings. To turn on or off requiring approval, click the Toggle under the Require Approval section. The same option is available when setting up new scheduled reports.

If the toggle is Green, the report will require approval, if gray, approval is turned off. Save the report in the bottom left, before navigating away.

How to approve a scheduled report

You'll get a notification when a report needs approval.ย 

Click on the notification (bell) icon at the top right of your dashboard and select a report awaiting approval.

You'll be taken to the report editor, where you can review and make changes to the report as needed.

Once you've reviewed the report and made any necessary changes, click Email at the top to review the email settings.

Here you can edit the recipients, subject, and message

When you're done reviewing, click "Approve and Send" at the top right to immediately send out the report.

Once the report has been sent, a second notification will populate in the notification menu to let you know.

When the approval confirmation comes through, you can delete the earlier notification that the report was waiting on approval by hovering over the notification and clicking the X on the far right.

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