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Edit Report Backgrounds
Edit Report Backgrounds

Customize report backgrounds with images, colors, and more.

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Customize Report Backgrounds

Each Report page can be customized with both an image and background color. This allows you to match the report design to your agency or client branding.
To get started, head to the Reports page, then open the Report you'd like to edit by clicking the Report name.

Next, hover over the Report section you want to edit on the left and click the ... to open a dropdown, then click Edit. The left sidebar will update to display different menus that can be used to alter the report design.

From the updated edit menu on the left, click Choose Image. This will launch the image selector.

Depending on the image size and image fit you've selected, the background may not fill the whole page. Most report pages are 1400x1812 pixels, however they can expand lengthwise depending on how you've placed widgets.

Choose from an existing image, or click Upload in the top right of the image selector to add a new image, then simply click insert in the bottom left to update this report section.

After selecting an image, you can also select the fit of the image from the dropdown immediately below. These will have different affects on the background image and how it fits on the page.

Select from Contain, Cover, Fill, or None.

The background color of report sections can also be changed. From within the same menu, click the Background Color dropdown, then select from the color picker or enter in the hex code.

Lastly, you can choose to apply these background image and color selections to multiple report sections by clicking Apply Background To.

This will launch a selector with all other current report sections listed. Simply click the circle to the left of the section name to select, then click Apply to add the background color and image to all selected.

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