How to customize dashboard colors

This article will cover the process of customizing:

  • Default account dashboard colors

  • Campaign specific dashboard colors

Default account dashboard colors

These settings are used for your custom url login page, control panel views, and for any campaign where you haven't applied campaign specific color settings.

To update or modify, navigate to your White Label control panel by clicking your user icon in the upper right hand corner of your dashboard, and selecting "White Label".

Alternatively, this is also accessible from the campaign overview, by clicking Settings in the left side menu.

From within the settings section, click on the White Label tab.

Campaign specific dashboard colors

These settings are used for the brand colors within a specific campaign; these colors will be shown to anyone viewing the campaign, whether the viewer is the admin or a staff/client user.

To update or modify, navigate to your campaign specific white label control panel by clicking the "gear" icon next to the campaign name at the top of your screen, then selecting "White Label".


The process of configuring colors in either the account level or campaign specific dashboard is identical.

On either white label control panel, scroll down to "Colors"

You can then specify an exact hex color, utilize the color picker, or apply a default color scheme. You can specify a different color for the primary color, secondary color, accent color, and link color.

Where are each of these color designations used?

  • Brand: Primarily used for buttons, bars/lines in charts, links in tables, and the active menu.

  • Header Background: Used for the main background color in the header of the interface.

  • Header Foreground: Primarily used for the header links and campaign pull down.

To specify an exact hex color, simply type or paste in the hex code for the color that you'd like to use.

To choose a color using the "color picker", click the color box to the left of any of the hex codes. A color picker window will then open. Click anywhere in the color picker window to select a specific color.

To apply one of our default color themes, simply click the theme of your choice, and the color options will automatically update.

Changes to color scheme take effect immediately.

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