White Label Overview

Our platform can be 100% white labeled to match your agency's branding. This puts your agency front-and-center, and gives your clients a seamless agency experience across all of their interactions.

The white label features include the ability to customize logos, color schemes, and the user login URL, to remove all reference to AgencyAnalytics. 

For agencies needing even more customization, we also give you the option to change the logos and colors for each campaign individually, and to send all scheduled reports from your own domain.

White Label Logos

You can change all logos in our interface to match your agency's branding. Logos can be changed in your white label settings dashboard, which is available to the admin of your AgencyAnalytics account.

To update or modify, navigate to your White Label control panel by clicking your user icon in the upper right hand corner of your dashboard, and selecting "White Label".

Alternatively, this is also accessible from the campaign overview, by clicking Settings in the left side menu.

From within the settings section, click on the White Label tab.

The interface logo is the image seen at the top left of all dashboards, and on your white label login screen. In most cases you'll want to use your agency's logo for this image.

The interface logo can be a PNG, JPEG, or GIF file, and we recommend a transparent background to blend with your color scheme. There are no width or height restrictions, although we recommend using a horizontal bar image to fill the horizontal space at the top left of the dashboard. Keep in mind that small images may appear pixelated. The interface logo is automatically resized to fit dashboards and login screens. The maximum file size is 250 KB. 

The report logo is shown on all PDF and web-based reports. This logo is displayed as a large image on the cover page, and as a small image in the header of each subsequent page.

The maximum report logo file size is 100 KB, and we highly recommending using an SVG image to allow smooth zooming of PDF pages. If you're having trouble converting a PNG or JPEG image to SVG, feel free to contact us.

The icon logo is the image that appears as the favicon on web browsers, and as the icon when adding a dashboard link to a mobile device's home screen. These images must be exactly 196x196 pixels. Images must be in PNG file format, and the maximum file size is 100 KB.

Learn more about configuring logos at this link

White Label Color Options

Interface colors

The interface color settings allow you to match the color scheme of dashboards and web-based reports to your agency's branding. Colors can be changed in the white label settings dashboard of the admin account.

There are four different interface color options available:

  • Primary Color: Used as the background color for the header of dashboards, and for the white label login screen.

  • Secondary Color: Used for dashboard header links and the campaign pull down.

  • Accent Color: Primarily used for buttons, highlighting widgets, and the active menu color.

  • Link Color: Primarily used for links in tables.

Along with the option of specifying each color manually, we have some pre-made themes available. We'll also create a new theme option when you upload an interface logo (we'll automatically "guess" a matching color scheme based on the logo's colors).

Learn more about configure interface colors at this link

Widget colors

Widgets have their own color options on the custom dashboard and in reports. These color options can be useful for highlighting important metrics, to group related widgets by color, or to match your dashboard's color scheme.

Widget color options are accessible in the widget's settings. The "My Brand" option uses the accent color from your interface color settings, and you'll also find a range of other preset color options.

Click here to learn more about customizing dashboard widgets.
Click here to learn more about customizing report widgets.

White Label Login URL

All staff and client users will log in using a custom webpage, and there are two different options available when setting up this white labeled URL.

The staff and client login URL is automatically set up as a custom subdomain when you first subscribe. This URL based on the domain agencyanalytics.app, and uses the company name you tell us when signing up. You'll see something like your-agency.agencyanalytics.app. It can be changed if needed in your white label domain settings.

For full white labeling, most of our plans allow you to set up a full custom domain based on your agency's URL (for example clients.yourdomain.com). To do this, you'll need to create a CNAME record in your webhost's CPanel using your desired hostname (eg clients.yourdomain.com), and point the CNAME to 'cname.clientseoreport.com'. It will take up to a few hours to propagate.

Click here to learn more about configuring your white label URL.

All white label URLs offer native SSL/HTTPS functionality, with an SSL certificate generated automatically by our system.

Advanced White Label Features

Multiple white label profiles 

Depending on your subscription level, you may have access to our multiple white label feature. 

This allows you to change the logos and color schemes for each campaign individually. This is useful for customers who run multiple different agency brands, or for those wanting to co-brand with each of their clients.

You can access a campaign's logo and color settings via the campaign-specific Settings section available at the bottom of your left side menu.

Once in the settings, select the "White Label" tab to access the campaign-specific white label options:

Note that your account-wide white label settings will apply if you haven't specified that campaign's white label settings. To revert a campaign back to your account-wide setting, simply remove your campaign-specific logo or choose the "default" color scheme option.

Click here to learn more about configuring multiple white label profiles

Custom email address

By default, all reports are sent from the email address "noreply@clientseoreport.com". 

Depending on your subscription level, you may have the option of using a custom email address to send all reports. This means that clients will see reports as being sent from your own domain. 

If you'd like to enable this setting, simply reach out to our support team.

Click here for more information on our custom email address feature.

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