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Automatically pull white label logos
Automatically pull white label logos

Click the "Suggest Logos" button on the Settings > White Label area, and we'll automatically pull the logos and colors from your website.

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How to easily retrieve your company logo from your website

Navigate to your white label logo settings by clicking Settings in the left sidebar, then selecting Logos from the white label section of the menu on this page.

In the bottom right, click Suggest Logos. This will prompt our system to pull logos from the website listed in your account settings. Once your new logos appear, click save to finalize these changes.

Your logos will now appear on various parts of the platform including dashboards, reports, and for account-wide logos, your white label login screen.

Once logos are added, you can head to the Colors page to update your dashboard colors using the "logo theme" option, which automatically takes the colors from the logo. In this example, blue, red, and purple were pulled from the rainbow logo to create the logo theme.

Note that if the "logo theme" option does not display, it usually means there weren't enough colors in your logo to automatically create a theme.

How are logos fetched?

Account-wide white label logos are retrieved from the website specified in your account settings (accessible via the left side menu under Settings > Profile > Account).

For campaign-level white labelling (available on some plans), the campaign's logos are fetched based on the campaign URL.

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