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Configure multiple white label profiles
Configure multiple white label profiles

Agencies who operate multiple brands can upload multiple logos and configure separate color schemes for each campaign

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How to configure multiple white label profiles

Multiple white label profiles are available only on some membership plans, and offer separate logos and brand colors for each campaigns. AgencyAnalytics can even automatically fetch logos from your agency or client's website.

The white label custom URL setting is only offered at the account level; it's not possible to configure multiple custom URLs in a single account.

The most common use cases for configuring multiple white label profiles are agencies who:

  • Operate multiple distinct brands

  • Want to co-brand with their clients

On the other hand, agencies with other use cases for multiple brands may want to consider our Linked Accounts feature instead. A rundown on the difference between the two features can be found here

Multiple white label profiles are configured at the campaign level; you'll need to customize the white label settings for each individual campaign where you want to apply branding that's different from your account level branding.

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