Linked Accounts Overview

Our Linked Accounts feature allows you to purchase multiple separate AgencyAnalytics accounts at full price, and to link them under one management portal.

From the overview, click Settings in the menu on the left hand side of the page.

Next, click Linked Accounts in the settings page menu.

The most common use cases for Linked Accounts are:

  • Agencies who operate under multiple brands, but need to offer a separate custom URL under each brand

  • Agencies who do business as a value-added reseller. For example, you sell SEO services to other agencies, who resell those services to their clients. You offer the agency access to an AgencyAnalytics dashboard as part of your fee to them. They get staff accounts, their customers get client accounts, you hold the admin account and pay the bill to AgencyAnalytics.

The Linked Accounts feature is available at all membership levels and includes:

  • Separate logos and brand colors for each linked account

  • Separate custom URL (subdomain or full custom domain, depending on the membership level) for each linked account

Working with Linked Accounts

If you have an existing account that you like to link to your "main" account, you can do so by following these steps.

Gave your Linked Account the wrong name? Here's how to change it.

FAQs about Linked Accounts

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