Multi-Location Campaigns

Add up to 5 pages or accounts to a campaign with some of your favorite integrations!

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Multi-Location Campaigns are available with an Agency or Premier Subscription.

Multi-Location Campaigns

With Multi-Location campaigns, you can add up to 5 separate integration accounts or pages within a single campaign.

The table below shows a breakdown of all integrations that currently support Multi-Location Campaigns.

Connecting the first account or page through an integration will be different depending on the integration you choose. To get started quickly, simply click the integration name in the table above to open the corresponding connection guide!

We add support for more integrations regularly, click here to see our change-log and stay up to date on new releases!

How to add multiple pages in a single campaign

Throughout this guide we use Facebook as the example, however the same steps can be followed for any support integration by subbing that integration for Facebook.

If you just finished connecting an integration, Click Connect Another Integration on the What's Next page to quickly head back to the Integration page.

Alternatively, navigate to the Campaign you wish to connect additional integration pages to, then click Integrations in the left hand side bar.

Once on the Integrations page click "My Integrations" to view all integrations currently connected within this campaign, then click the tile of the integration you're connecting another page to.

This will open the connection page where you should see the default account. In the bottom left, click Add Account to prompt the connection of another page or account.

On the following page either select the account from the connection list, or add a new account by clicking Connect New Account at the bottom, then follow the same steps in the popup window that you followed for the default connection.

After adding a second account you will be returned to the connection page where you can see the new page added. Repeat the process to add more pages: a total of 5 can be added to a single campaign.

You can switch between the different pages on the prebuilt integration dashboard and when adding widgets to reports or dashboards in this campaign.

On the prebuilt integration dashboard a dropdown will be visible in the top navigation bar. Click this dropdown to quickly switch between the individual pages you've connected.

When adding widgets to a custom dashboard or report the option to change pages can be found in the Edit Widget menu, under the Data tab.

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