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How to connect an Instagram account to your AgencyAnalytics dashboard.

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How to set up an Instagram integration

First, be sure that you're not logged into any other Instagram account in the browser you're using. To confirm this, go to and log out there. Note that you can still be logged in even if you don't have the Instagram site currently open.

Instagram has two requirements before you can access your data:

  • The Instagram account must be set up as a professional account. This can be done by following these instructions

  • The Instagram account must be linked to a Facebook page This can be done by following these instructions.

Once you've confirmed the above points, navigate to the campaign where you'd like to connect the Instagram integration, then click "Integrations" from the menu on the left side of the screen.

Click on Instagram in the list of available integrations.

Then click Connect Account.

A window will then pop up prompting you to log into Facebook. Log in with the Facebook credentials that are linked to your Instagram account.

You can then choose the exact Instagram account you'd like to connect to your campaign.

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