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Add Multiple Facebook Pages to a Campaign
Add Multiple Facebook Pages to a Campaign
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Currently this is available via Labs for teams interested in testing experimental features. Multiple Facebook Pages is the first step toward MultiView Campaigns— a broader feature being tested to help you quickly and easily connect multiple integration accounts to a single client campaign.

Add Multiple Facebook Pages in a Single Campaign

To get started, follow the steps in our Connect Facebook article to connect the default Facebook account to the campaign.

After connecting the integration the steps to add additional pages are very similar. First, click Connect Another Integration on the What's Next page to quickly head back to the Integration page.

Once again locate Facebook and click the tile to open the connection page. In the bottom left, click Add Account to connect the next Facebook page to this campaign.

After adding a second account you will be returned to the same connection page where you will now see the page connected. Repeat this process until all pages are connected. Up to 5 Facebook pages can be added to a single campaign, either from the same or up to 5 different accounts.

Now that multiple Facebook pages are connected there will be the option to switch between these on the prebuilt Facebook dashboard and when adding widgets.

On the prebuilt Facebook dashboard a dropdown will be visible in the top navigation bar. Click this dropdown to quickly switch between the individual pages you've connected.

When adding widgets to a custom dashboard or report the option to change pages can be found in the Edit Widget menu, under the Data tab.

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