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Connecting ServiceTitan to AgencyAnalytics requires three separate pieces of identifying information from ServiceTitan:

  • Tenant ID

  • Client ID

  • Secret Key

First, the Tenant ID can be found in your ServiceTitan account under Settings > Integrations > API Application access.

Once you have secured your Tenant ID, reach out to our support team either via email at, or use our messenger in the bottom right of your browser window.

Let Support know you're looking to connect ServiceTitan, then share the Tenant ID. Our team will add you to our ServiceTitan application, then you can move on to the next step.
​At the moment this process must be handled manually due to restrictions in place by ServiceTitan.

Once the Support team confirms you've been added, you can finish setting up the connection in ServiceTitan:

  1. Head back to Integrations > API Application Access within ServiceTitan

  2. In the Manage API Application Access screen, click Connect New App

  3. Search for and select AgencyAnalytics

  4. Connect the AgencyAnalytics App

  5. Choose to Allow Access on the API scopes page

Now that AgencyAnalytics has been connect to ServiceTitan, head to the campaign in AgencyAnalytics where you'll be connecting ServiceTitan. Click on Integrations in the sidebar to the left to open the integrations page.

From here, either search in the upper right search box for ServiceTitan, or click Analytics > ServiceTitan.

On the following page click Connect, then enter your Tenant ID, Client ID, and Secret Key. The Client ID and Secret Key should be available from the same ServiceTitan UI where you found the Tenant ID.

Once all three have been entered, click Save to complete the integration setup. You can now view the ServiceTitan pre-built dashboard, now populated with your data, or start adding Service Titan widgets to your custom dashboards and reports!

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