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Find quick answers to your questions about Reports here.

Can I combine multiple campaigns in a single report?

You can follow these steps to create a multi-campaign report as long as this feature is included with your plan.

Can I add a custom dashboard to a report?

While viewing any dashboard, select the export button located at the top right to insert the entire dashboard as a new section within your report.

Can I unschedule a scheduled report?

Yes! Find the steps to pause or unschedule a report here.

Can I clone a report?

Yes, you can clone a report during the report creation process. When prompted to select the report source, choose clone existing report then the report you'd like to clone. Find full steps here.

Can I clone a report section?

Yes, you can clone a report section within a report by following these steps.

How do I send a report on demand?

Easily send a one-time report directly from the report design tab by choosing Send Now from the export menu. Find detailed steps here.

Can I automatically send my clients a PDF report instead of a web report?

We don't offer the option of sending clients a PDF version of any automated report via email. However, clients can easily download a PDF when viewing their web reports.

What is the retention time for historical reports?

You have a 60-day window to download historical reports. To manage server storage, reports older than 60 days are permanently removed. For longer access, save reports locally before the 60-day cutoff when they'll be purged automatically.

What does each report log email status mean?

Here is a list of each possible report status, and its meaning:

  • Pending: The email has been queued for sending and will be sent soon.

  • Sent: The email has been sent.

  • Error: The platform encountered an error when sending the email.

How can I create a rankings report which only displays certain keywords?

The easiest way to do this is to apply keyword tags in Rank Tracker, you can then apply these keyword tags as filters in your reports.

Why can’t I connect a Google Sheet to my report template?

Report templates serve multiple campaigns. While you can add any Google Sheet widget to a template, you must connect the actual sheet within each report after generating the report from the template.

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