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Create a report with data from multiple AgencyAnalytics campaigns
Create a report with data from multiple AgencyAnalytics campaigns

Create a multi-campaign report via the reports tab from your Control Panel dashboard

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How to create a report with data from multiple campaigns

You can create reports which include data from multiple campaigns, allowing you to combine data from multiple websites or locations, and data from multiple instances of the same integration (for example, to track multiple Google Analytics views in the same report). Multi-campaign, or cross campaign, reports are available on some of our plans.

To ensure the privacy and security of your campaign data, this type of Report is only visible to users with unrestricted campaign access, meaning they have access to all campaigns in the account.

In order to include data from multiple campaigns in a report, you'll create your report via the "Reports" section in the account overview screen (rather than from within a single AgencyAnalytics campaign).

From the reports section, click "Create Report". This is available on both the Scheduled and Unscheduled tabs of the Reports page.

Next, in the campaign selection drop down menu, select "Multiple Campaigns"

Then select a starting point for your report (blank report, using a template, or cloning an existing report).  Add a title, then click Continue to start designing your multi-campaign report.

Formatting Widgets on a Multi-Campaign Report

With multiple campaigns enabled, each time you add a section or a widget, you'll be prompted to choose which campaign you want that widget to display data for.

After selecting the section you'd like to add, you'll have the opportunity to pick which Campaign the section will draw from.

After adding a widget to your report, click the widget to select it. Then, in the widget sidebar on the right, select the campaign you'd like this widget to show data for.

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