How to create a report with data from multiple campaigns

You can create reports which include data from multiple campaigns, allowing you to combine data from multiple websites or locations, and data from multiple instances of the same integration (for example, to track multiple Google Analytics views in the same report).

Multi campaign reports (also known as cross-campaign reports) are available to users on some of our plans - reach out to our support team if you're unsure whether your plan covers this.

In order to include data from multiple campaigns in a report, you'll create your report via the "Reports" section in the account overview screen (rather than from within a single AgencyAnalytics campaign).

From the reports section, click "Create Report"

Next, in the campaign selection drop down menu, select "Multiple Campaigns"

Then select a starting point for your report (blank report, using a template, or cloning an existing report). 

With multiple campaigns enabled, each time you add a section or a widget, you'll be prompted to choose which campaign you want that widget to display data for.

You can also change which campaign a widget is showing data for once it's been added to a report. Just click the ellipsis ("...") at the top right of the widget and click on "Edit" to access the widget's settings.

The left hand menu will switch to "Edit Widget" mode. From there, go to the "Data" tab. You'll see a drop-down allowing you to select which campaign it pulls data from.

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