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Add widgets to a report
Add widgets to a report

From the Widget sidebar on the right, find the widget you'd like to add, then, simply drag and drop onto the report page.

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How to add a widget to a report page

You can add a variety of widgets to reports, from charts and graphs, to title bars, and custom textboxes or stat widgets. All of these and more can be added to pre-built report sections, or new blank report sections.

In the report editor, start by navigating to the page where you'd like to add widgets. You can do so by clicking the page in the section menu on the left, or simply scrolling down.

Once on the page you'd like to edit, collapse the section sidebar on the left to expand your report work area. To do so, click the gray line to the right of the sections sidebar. The Widget sidebar on the right has this option as well, to the left of the sidebar, as shown below.

The Widgets starts on the Integration tab. Here you'll be presented with a list of all integrations. At the top will be the integrations you have connected, below that grayed out will be integrations not yet connected.

Note: If you already know the widget name or metric you want to add, you can also use the search function to locate your desired widget.

Next, select the widget type and metric that you want to display. Once you've selected your widget type and metric for your widget, drag and drop it into your desired position in the report.

This widget can then be resized and edited. Please remember to click “Save” in the top right-hand corner to save your widgets to the report.

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