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How to add a custom stat widget
How to add a custom stat widget

In the add widget menu, select "Object" then "Stat"

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The Stat widget can be used to add custom numerical values easily to your dashboards or reports.

How to add a Stat widget to a custom dashboard

Start by navigating to the dashboard of the campaign where you'd like to add the widget. Click "Edit Dashboard".

Our Add Widget menu will automatically appear on the right-hand side of your dashboard.

Within this section, select “Objects”, and either search (using the magnifying glass in the right-hand corner) or scroll to our Stat widget. From here you can drag and drop the Stat widget to where you would like it on your dashboard.

To add your custom numerical value to your Stat widget, use the edit widget feature found within the ellipsis “...” > "Edit" in the right-hand corner of the widget.

From here you can enter your custom Stat value into the widget and proceed to save.

How to add Stat widget to a report

First, navigate to the section of the report where you'd like to add the custom Stat widget. Then, in the Widget menu on the right side, click the Objects tab.

From the objects tab, locate the Stat widget, then click and drag to the report page, then release to drop it.

Next, click on the widget to open the customization options in the widget sidebar on the right. The General tab is where you can change the Title of the stat widget, whereas the Data tab is where you can change the value of the widget.

Once you have added your custom stat value and custom title, click the Save button in the upper right to lock in your changes.

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