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Map Widget Overview

Everything you need to know about the map widget.

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Using map widgets is a great way of showing global traffic for customers with a global reach, by showing the distribution of a selected metric by country.

To add a map widget to your dashboard or report, start by navigating to the dashboard or report of the campaign where you'd like to add the widget, then click "Edit Dashboard" or "Edit Report".

Our Add Widget menu will automatically appear on the right-hand side of your dashboard or report.

Within this section, select “Integrations”, and either search (by using the magnifying glass in the right-hand corner) or scroll to the integration of your choice.

After the integration has been selected, click the map widget and select the data you would like to report on. From here you can drag and drop the map widget to where you would like it on your dashboard or report.

It's important to note that map widgets are not available for every metric, and currently are only available at the country level.

Hovering over the different countries will reveal a tool tip that shows a country's value for the selected metric.

Use the view full screen button on the widget to get a clearer picture of the map and the different values.

The highlighted country colours are relative to the country with the largest value. If there is a wide variance between a small value and the largest value, the colour of the small value eventually become the same as the background.

To lock in a selected map widget, click save in the upper right hand corner of your dashboard or report.

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