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Craft visually engaging dashboards that will "wow" your clients

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Create a dashboard
Create a dashboard section using a pre-built template
Add widgets on dashboards
Create an account level dashboard
Add custom tooltips to chart widgets
Add values on bar chart or line chart widgets
Create Staff only custom dashboards
Remove empty columns from a Google Sheets table widget
View widgets in full screen
Access Metrics, Filters, and Settings
Embed Instagram posts
Horizontal scrolling for table widgets
Map Widget Overview
Use Google Sheets to display regional maps on your dashboards and web reports
Change the order of multiple custom dashboards
Custom metric example formulas
Embed Tweets
Remove widgets on dashboards
Adding a secondary dimension to your line chart
Changing a widget chart type
Customize a widget on dashboards
Rearrange widgets on dashboards
Resize widgets on dashboards
Add title headers on dashboards
Email a report from any dashboard
How to Filter data
Using advanced filters
Compare to a previous period (Dashboards)
Add multiple custom dashboards
Create a shareable link to a dashboard
Connect a client messaging platform
Embed content on dashboards and web reports via our embed widgets
Embed TikTok videos
Enable presentation mode for dashboards
Capture an image of a widget
Customize title headers on dashboards
Resize title headers on dashboards
Create a dashboard template
Apply dashboard section templates
Edit dashboard templates
Delete dashboard templates
Add a custom textbox widget on dashboards
Add an image to a textbox
Add images from Google Drive
Add images via image URL
Delete images from an image widget or the media library
Filter for individual or multiple ad campaigns
Add content to a custom widget on dashboards
Add a Google Sheets table widget on dashboards
Configure a Google Sheets table widget on dashboards
Add a Google Sheets stat widget on dashboards
Configure a Google Sheets stat widget on dashboards
Add a widget from anywhere to your custom dashboard
Clone an existing dashboard
Clone a dashboard template
Configure mobile dashboard designs
Clear a dashboard
Custom Metrics
Create custom goals
Edit a custom goal
Track Budget Pacing with Custom Goals
Add multiple metrics in a single widget
Custom Metrics FAQ