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Add title headers to reports
Add title headers to reports

In the Widget menu on the right, click Objects, then Title. Drag and drop this onto your report, then edit to change the title itself.

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How to add title headers to reports

In the Widget sidebar on the right, click Objects then drag and drop the Title widget onto your report.

Next click the title widget to open the edit menu. From here you can manually change the Text displayed in the Title widget, or change to a pre-generated title like Campaign name or Account name.


The Title widget display can also be changed from this menu. With the widget selected, click Display at the top of the menu on the right to reveal a series of drop downs with available visual changes like text alignment, heading style, text color and more.

In this example below the Title type Campaign Name was used to generate our first heading, while Report Date was used to generate the second. The display of each was altered by heading style, alignment, color and theme.

Additionally the Section Subtitle type can be used to add a subtitle to the specific Report page as well as the Table of Contents, as displayed below.

When you've finished adding or editing these widgets make sure to click Save in the upper right corner to lock in your changes!

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