Custom Metrics

Build custom metrics in your campaign's settings area, then add them like you'd add any other widget to a report or dashboard.

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Custom metrics allow you to combine multiple metrics from different integrations, and apply calculations to that data. Custom metrics can be added as widgets to reports and custom dashboards.

There are limitless calculations that you can do, including:

  • Calculating total marketing spend by adding spend from all ads integrations

  • Finding the average conversion rate across a handful of analytics channels

  • Determining cost per phone lead by dividing ad spend by calls received

This feature is only available on some of our plans. If you're unsure of your account access, check our pricing page or contact our support team for help.

Create a Custom Metric

Custom metrics can be created at the account level and campaign level. To get started, hover over the sidebar on the left of the Home page then click Settings.

Next click Custom Metrics from the settings page menu, then click Create Custom Metric in the upper right.

This will open the first step of the creation wizard. Here select whether you want this custom metric available in All campaigns, or only a specific campaign. If All is selected the custom metric will be available at the Account Level, and within each campaign.

Next, choose whether to create the custom metric from scratch or to clone an existing custom metric.

The final step is to add details to your custom metric.

Name dictates the name that will be used to identify this custom metric in the custom metric list.

Data Type determines how the metric will be displayed, you can choose from:

  • Integer (whole number)

  • Float (with 2 decimal places)

  • Currency

  • Percentage

Description allows you to briefly describe the formula or usage of the metric.

To build a formula and configure your custom metric, type the metric name or click the formula field then select the integration and metric from the dropdown.

Add operators as needed by typing them in, then select from the operating menu.

Repeat this process for each metric or operator. Additionally you can add numbers to your formula as needed. In this example our final formula for determining CPC average is:

(Microsoft Avg CPC + Google Avg CPC + Facebook Avg CPC) / 3

Lastly select if an increase is positive or a decrease is considered positive. For our cost per click example, we chose Decrease is positive for our CPC average.

Once you are happy with your formula, click Create to save the custom metric, making it available as a widget for dashboards or reports and visible in the custom metrics table.

Under the campaign column you can see which campaign this custom metric is available within. No campaign names means the metric is available in All campaigns.

Not sure where to get started? Check out some helpful custom metric example formulas here!

Add custom metrics to client reporting

First edit the dashboard or report, then from the widget menu on the right click Custom Metrics. Locate the metric you wish to add, then click drag and drop to the section.

If you see "an error occurred" after saving your widget, please check that your custom formula is valid and that the integrations relating to your custom formula are connected properly.

Edit Custom Metrics

To edit an existing custom metric, click the ellipsis to the far right on the custom metric table, then Edit from the dropdown.

This will open up the same editor used to create the metric initially, allowing you to change all of the metric details.

Alternatively, you can edit the custom metric from your dashboard or report directly by clicking the ... in the top right of the custom metric widget, then selecting Edit Custom Metric from the sidebar.

Clone Custom Metrics

If you want to save a copy of the original custom metric before editing, or simply want to duplicate a formula, create a Custom Metric and select Clone Existing Metric as the source instead of create new.

After opening the creation wizard on the account level custom metrics page, choose which campaign to clone the metric into. By selecting All you can bulk clone the custom metric, making it available to All campaigns.

Click continue, then choose Clone an existing custom metric as the source.

Next, select a specific custom metric to clone. Narrow the available metrics by selecting a campaign from the Source dropdown, or searching the metric name.

Click Select Custom Metric in the bottom left to move on to the final step.

Lastly, make any final edits to the cloned custom metric before clicking create in the bottom left to lock in these updates, and save the cloned custom metric.

Delete Custom Metrics

To permanently delete a custom metric click the ellipsis (...) on the custom metrics table next to the custom metric you'd like to remove. In the dropdown click Delete, then click Confirm in the confirmation popup.

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