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Find answers to frequently asked custom metrics questions.

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Find quick answers to common Custom Metric questions.

How many metrics can be added to a custom metric formula?

A maximum of 15 metrics can be added to a custom metric formula. As a workaround you can merge numbers together.

Can my Custom Metrics formula contain other Custom Metrics?

At this time, no, it's not possible for a custom metric formula to include another custom metric.

Can I use any widget type with Custom Metrics?

Custom Metrics are only available as Stat, Line Chart, Sparkline Chart, Bar Chart & Area Chart widgets at this time.

Are all integrations available to use in Custom Metrics?

Not all integrations are compatible with custom metrics, please view the table below for a list of unavailable integrations.



Call tracking

Email tracking


Google Lighthouse



Active Campaign


Rank Tracker

Google Sheets


Grade Us

Site Auditor

Campaign Monitor



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