How to apply/remove custom keyword tags

Similar to using starred keywords, "tagging" keywords is a simple method for organizing, sorting, and categorizing your keywords.

Apply tags

Start by ticking the check boxes to the left of the keyword(s) which you would like to work with. Follow these steps to select all or a range of keywords

As soon as you check the first box, the "tag" button will appear at the top of the keywords column.

Once finished checking boxes for the keywords to which you'd like to apply tags, click that "Tag" button at the top of the column. A flyout window will appear. Enter the tag that you'd like to apply, then click "Save".

There is no limit to the number of tags that any one keyword can have. Any given keyword can have as many tags as you choose to apply.

Remove tags

Tags must be removed one by one, on a keyword by keyword basis. To remove a tag from a keyword, first enable the "Tags" column from within the "settings slider".

Then, click the "X" icon on the tag that you wish to remove.

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