How to manage tagged keywords in the Rank Tracker integration

There are two ways with which you can use the "Tags" option to interact with the dashboard.

First, you can display keyword tags as a metric in the table view. To do so, click the "Settings" button to the right of the time period selector, then tick the checkbox for "Tags" under the metrics heading.

As shown here, this adds a column for "Tags" in the table view below.

Note: in contrast to the other table columns, you cannot sort by tag name. This is a technical/logical limitation due to the fact that multiple tags can be attached to one keyword.

Second, you can choose to filter your keywords, so that only keywords with specific tags are displayed in your table view.

To do so, click the "Settings" button to the right of the "Time Period" selector. Then, click the "Tags" drop-down under the "Filters" heading. Finally, check the boxes for the tags which you would like to be displayed.

No need to click "Save". The dashboard view will instantly update to display data for the keywords with the tags that you checked only. In addition to only displaying the tagged keywords in the table, the graphs will also update to display data solely as it pertains to your tagged keywords for this campaign.

To remove this filter, and once again display all keywords, regardless of whether or not they're tagged, simply follow the same steps outlined above, and uncheck all tag check boxes, under the "Filters" heading in the "Settings" screen.

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