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Delete all keywords for a single location
Delete all keywords for a single location

Apply a location filter, then delete keywords as normal

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How to delete all keywords at once for a single location

Our Rank Tracker module allows you to track SERPs as they appear for searchers in multiple geographic locations. For various business reasons, you might want to stop tracking one location, while continuing to track and maintain keyword history for other existing locations. 

To remove one location from tracking, start by opening the "settings slider" and turning on the "Locations" column (if it isn't already) so you can verify that you're removing the correct location.

Next, with the settings slider still open, click the "Filters" heading, and select the location that you intend to delete.

This will filter your keywords to display only the keywords being tracked for that specific location.

Next, tick the boxes next to all keywords shown (check out this article for instructions on selecting all keywords in a range at once). Finally, click "Delete", and confirm your decision when prompted.

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