Manage your subscription, invoices, and billing information

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How to purchase add-onsPurchase additional keywords, site audit, or campaign add-ons through your billing portal
Remove add-onsNavigate to your billing portal, use the "+/-" buttons to adjust your add-ons, then click "Complete Purchase"
Add or update your credit card on fileOn the Campaigns home screen, click "Billing" from the left side menu, then click "add" or "change" to add or update your card.
Upgrade from a trial plan to a paid planUpgrade in just a few clicks using our billing portal. Simply click your name at the top right, and select "Billing"
Upgrade or change to a different monthly membership levelNavigate to your billing portal, select your new plan, and check out.
Upgrade to a higher yearly membership levelNavigate to your billing portal, select your new plan, and check out.
Upgrade from a monthly plan to a yearly planNavigate to your billing portal, click "Update Subscription", then toggle from monthly to yearly
Enter a coupon codeClick "Have a Coupon?", enter your code, and click "apply"
Switch from Paypal to credit card billingEasily switch from Paypal to credit card billing within our billing portal
Switch from credit card to Paypal billingJust navigate to the billing portal, select "Paypal" and connect your Paypal account
Create a new linked accountLinked Accounts simplify account management for customers who manage multiple, separate AgencyAnalytics accounts
Link an existing accountIf you maintain multiple accounts, it's easy to add them all to the Linked Accounts section of your main account
Log in to a Linked AccountNavigate to your Linked Accounts control panel, and click the name of any account to login
Modify the display name of a linked accountChanges to display names can be made under the Linked Accounts tab
Download an invoiceNavigate to your billing portal and click any historical invoice to download it instantly
Understanding your invoiceOur invoices convey a lot of crucial information! This article will walk you through each section of your AgencyAnalytics invoice
Earn credit for referralsRefer other customers to earn credits and give discounts. Find your referral code by going to Settings > Referral Program.
Pause your AgencyAnalytics subscriptionAdmins can go to their Billing dashboard, click "cancel", and then choose to pause the subscription.
Cancel your subscriptionCancel your subscription with just a couple of clicks. We'll miss you!
Request a RefundReach out to our helpful Support team via live chat or email to request a refund within 30 days of your new purchase.