How to upgrade from a trial plan to a paid plan

The account admin can access the billing portal here to upgrade your account's plan.

Navigate to the "Plan Subscriptions" module of your billing dashboard. You can get there in three different ways.

The first is to simply click the "Upgrade Now" button near the top of your screen.

Alternatively, you can click on your user icon in the top right corner of the screen, then click the "Billing" tab in the fly-out window that appears.

Alternatively, your Billing dashboard may also be accessed through the sidebar on the homepage.

Once you arrive at the Billing dashboard, click "Purchase Subscription" under the "Your Subscription" box:

Click the membership plan that you'd like to purchase. You'll see it highlighted, and the summary on the right will update to reflect the plan that you've chosen.

Below the plan selection, choose how many campaigns you'd like on the bottom left.

After selecting the plan, and number of campaigns, choose whether you'd like to pay on a monthly or yearly basis. There are no contracts for either option, although options WILL auto-renew unless you specifically cancel before the cancellation date.

The yearly option comes with 2 months free. However, there are no pro-rated or partial refunds if you wish to cancel partway through the year.

Once you have the plan type, interval, and campaign count selected, click continue in the bottom left.

Here you can purchase our Rank Tracker, for SERP keyword tracking, or our Site Auditor for crawling webpages for SEO errors. To do this, click the "plus" and minus" buttons on the appropriate numerical selectors. Click continue to move onto payment.

Next, choose whether you'd like to checkout using a credit card or PayPal.

If you choose "Credit Card" go ahead and enter your payment and location information. Then, click the blue "Complete Purchase" button to the right.

To choose PayPal, first toggle the radio button from "Credit Card" to "PayPal".

After you do so, a window will automatically pop up redirecting you to log in to PayPal. Enter your credentials to login, then complete your payment on the PayPal site.

With either method, once payment has been completed, you'll be redirected to your dashboard with your new subscription applied!

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