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Upgrade from a trial plan to a paid plan
Upgrade from a trial plan to a paid plan

Upgrade in just a few clicks using our billing portal. Simply click your name at the top right, and select "Billing"

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How to upgrade from a trial plan to a paid plan

The account admin can access the billing portal to upgrade your account's plan. To quickly jump to the billing page, click Upgrade Now in the banner at the top of your screen.

Alternatively, you can click on your user icon in the top right corner of the screen, then click Billing from the dropdown menu.

Billing Page

On the Billing page select a plan and campaign count. Each plan includes a set number of campaigns, Freelancer comes with 5, Agency comes with 10, and the Premier plan starts at 50.

Simply click on the plan you'd like, then if needed click the up arrow to increase the campaign count. By default all Trials are Agency subscriptions, which is reflected by the *Current plan at the top of the Agency tile.


Once you've settled on a plan and campaign count scroll down the page to payment, then select a payment method and enter in your payment details.

With PayPal, click the dot to the left then finish entering your address information. When you go to complete the order a popup window will automatically launch, where you will be directed to PayPal to authenticate and complete the purchase through the PayPal site.

On the right of the page is a Subscription Summary that reflects your current plan type, campaign count, and renewal interval. Some locations require tax which will also be reflected in the Subscription Summary.

If you'd prefer an annual subscription simply click Yearly to change the interval of your renewal. The yearly plan comes with 2 months free built into the pricing; due to this substantial upfront discount, we do not offer pro-rated or partial refunds if you cancel the subscription partway through the year.

When ready to check out click Complete Order on the righthand side to complete your purchase and activate your new subscription!

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