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How to purchase add-ons
How to purchase add-ons

Purchase additional keywords, site audit, or campaign add-ons through your billing portal

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Additional keywords, campaigns, and site audits are available for purchase on all current AgencyAnalytics plans. Some legacy plans don't have this available; if you're unsure, please reach out to our Support team for help.

How to purchase add-ons

Via the billing portal, account Admins are able to purchase more campaigns, as well as additional keywords and site audits.

To get started, click your user icon in the upper right corner of your screen, then click Billing to navigate to the billing page.

Next, click the Purchase Subscription button if on trial, or Update Subscription if you have a paid account.

Note: If you're on a legacy plan, you will see "edit current subscription" instead of update or purchase subscription.

On the following page, you can increase your campaign totals. In the bottom left, click the + (plus) sign to add additional campaigns to your account. On the right hand side under Order Summary you'll see amount due now, and under Renewal Summary is the amount for future renewals.

Then, click continue in the bottom left to head to the Addons page.

To purchase additional addons, hit the "+" (plus) symbol to the right of the current number. To remove previously purchased addons, hit the "-" (minus) symbol to the left of the current number.

When you hit the "+" symbol to purchase additional addons, the charges due will display in the Summary section to the right of where you increase addons.

Addons are billed along with your main membership subscription. This means that when you first purchase addons, or if you increase your total addons in the future, you'll be billed a pro-rated amount depending on how many days are left in your current monthly or yearly subscription.

Next, click continue in the bottom left. This will take you to the billing information page, where you add in or can update your billing information.

Once that's entered, click Complete Purchase. New purchases may take 5-10 minutes to register on your account.

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