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How to purchase add-ons

Purchase additional keywords, site audit, or campaign add-ons through your billing portal

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Additional keywords and campaigns are available for purchase on all current AgencyAnalytics plans. Some legacy plans may have Site Audits available as well, accounts created after November 2023 will not.

How to purchase add-ons

To get started head to the Billing page by clicking Billing on the Home left sidebar, or clicking the user icon in the upper right then selecting Billing from the dropdown.

This will take you to the billing section of your account, where you can increase your campaign totals within the 'Subscription' tab. To increase the campaign totals, select 'Update':

This will allow you to add additional campaigns to your account. On the right hand side under 'Subscription Summary' you'll see the amount due now, and your future renewal amount summary:

If you are wanting to purchase Rank Tracker keywords add on and you have purchased these before, you can scroll down to Addons within the 'Subscription' tab, and select 'Update':

This will allow you to hit the "+" symbol to purchase additional addons. The charges due will be displayed in the 'Subscription Summary' section on the right hand side:

If you are wanting to purchase Rank Tracker keywords and you haven't purchased these before, you will be able to add these on the 'Addons' tab of your billing section, by selecting 'Try It!' for the addons you are wanting to purchase:

This will then allow you to purchase the addons on the 'Subscription' tab of your billing section, as discussed above.

Addons are billed along with your main membership subscription. This means that when you first purchase addons, or if you increase your total addons in the future, you'll be billed a pro-rated amount depending on how many days are left in your current monthly or yearly subscription.

At the bottom of the 'Subscription' tab of your billing section you can add or update your billing information; if needed, follow the instructions here.

When you've updated your add-on count, click 'Complete Order.' New orders may take 5-10 minutes to register on your account:

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