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Upgrade from a monthly plan to a yearly plan
Upgrade from a monthly plan to a yearly plan

Navigate to your billing portal, click "Update Subscription", then toggle from monthly to yearly

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Note that your account's admin (owner) is the only one who can access and update billing information.

How to upgrade from a monthly plan to a yearly plan

First, navigate to your billing dashboard here.

This can also be reached by clicking your user icon in the top right corner of your screen, and then clicking "Billing".

This may also be accessed through the sidebar on the left of your screen.

Once in the Billing section, head to the Subscription tab and then locate the "Subscription Summary" section.

Toggle your selection to "Yearly" and then click "Complete Order" to finalize the change and move to the yearly plan.

If you would like to change your plan, update the number of campaigns included in your subscription, adjust your add-ons, or change your payment information, you can do so right from the Subscription tab, prior to clicking "Complete Order".

Credits for any unused portion of your monthly subscription

When upgrading to a yearly plan, we'll automatically give you credits for any unused days in your current monthly subscription (if you were previously subscribed to a monthly plan).

You'll see that a line item for "Credits" to account for this when you're switching to yearly payments. These credits will automatically apply to your payment for the yearly plan. The amount is prorated based on how many days have elapsed since you made your last monthly subscription payment. These credits are shown on the right side of the "select plan" step when updating your plan.

As an example of how these credits are calculated, let's say you're currently subscribed to a monthly "Agency" plan, at $180 per month. You made your last $180 payment on September 4th, and your next $180 payment is due on October 4th. For the purposes of this example, let's say that today is September 17th.

Your monthly plan is prorated to the amount of $180 / 30 = $6.00 per day.

In this example, you've used 13 days of your subscription this month, and have 17 days left until the next renewal.

As a result, you'd be credited 17 x $6.00 = $102.00 toward your yearly subscription. In addition, the subscription date will be reset to today's date, and your next billing will be one year from today, on September 17th of next year for our example.

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