How to upgrade from a monthly plan to a yearly plan

First, navigate to your Billing dashboard by clicking your name in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, and then clicking the "Billing" tab in the fly-out window that appears.

Alternatively, this may also be accessed through the sidebar:

Once you're in the Billing Dashboard, click the "Update Subscription" button in the box under your plan name.

In the next screen, toggle your selection to "Yearly", and choose the plan to which you'd like to subscribe.

In the fee total to the right, you'll see that a line item for "Credits" has been applied. This is the amount left on your existing monthly plan. When you upgrade to a Yearly plan subscription, the existing monthly plan subscription is cancelled. Rather than processing a refund, we apply this prorated discount toward your Yearly plan. The amount is prorated based on how many days have elapsed since you made your last monthly subscription payment.

For example, let's say you're currently subscribed to a monthly "Agency" plan, at $149 per month. You made your last $149 payment on September 4th, and your next $149 payment is due on October 4th. For the purposes of this example, let's say that today is September 17th.

Your monthly plan is prorated to the amount of $149 / 30 = $4.97 per day.

In this example, you've used 13 days of your subscription this month, and have 17 days left until the next renewal.

As a result, you'd be credited 17 * $4.97 = $84.49 toward your yearly subscription. In addition, the subscription date will be reset to today's date, and your next billing will be one year from today, on September 17th of next year for our example. (Note that this specific example is not reflected in the screenshot below).

Next, choose whether you'd like to checkout using a Credit Card, or using PayPal.

If you choose "Credit Card" go ahead and enter your payment and location information. Then, click the blue "Update Subscription" button.

To choose PayPal, first, toggle the radio button from "Credit Card" to "PayPal".

After you do so, a window will automatically pop up redirecting you to log in to PayPal. Enter your credentials to log in, then complete your payment on the PayPal site.

With either method, once payment has been completed, you'll be redirected to your dashboard with the changes applied!

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