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Add Additional Invoice Recipients
Add Additional Invoice Recipients

Share invoices and subscription emails with multiple contacts by adding additional invoice recipients.

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When first creating an account or purchasing a subscription only the account Admin will receive subscription and invoice emails.
Additional people can be added to the recipients list for either subscription and/or invoices by the Admin user. These additional recipients are not required to have a User profile in AgencyAnalytics.

How to add additional invoice or subscription email recipients

First navigate to the Billing page, either by clicking the currency symbol on the sidebar to the left or hovering over your user icon in the upper right, then clicking Billing in the dropdown.

Next, click Invoices at the top of the Billing page then click the Recipients tab at the top of the Invoices table.

Click Add Recipient, then in the open pop-up add the email address of whoever should receive an invoice or subscription email.
​Subscription emails include changes in your plan, billing address, or payment methods, while Invoice emails include notifications related to invoices and invoice status.
Recipients can either receive one or both of these email types, simply check the relevant box on the left of each option.

Lastly click Add in the bottom left to add this email address as a recipient to the selected email types.

Once added the recipient will be displayed on the Recipients table, where you can quickly see which addresses receive which emails.

By default the account Admin email address is listed at the top of the recipients table, and will always receive both subscription and invoice emails.

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