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Find quick answers to questions about User Management here.

Q: Why can’t my client/staff user login?

The most common issue we see is with client/staff users trying to login at the same login page used by the administrator.

Client/Staff users can only login at the white labeled domain/sub-domain that you've configured within your white label settings. You can find this URL via your Users dashboard at the top of the screen.

Q: Why is my staff/client user not receiving an email when attempting to reset their password?

In the event that a staff/client user has forgotten their password, they’ll see the option to reset password on the login page of their white labeled domain/sub-domain.

If they have not received an email after using this link, it may be due to:

  • The email address the user is entering doesn’t match the one on their account

  • User has attempted to reset their password from the admin URL, instead of the staff/client URL

  • The email has gone to their junk/spam folder

If the user has checked and confirmed the above, then please reach out to our Support team for help!

Q: What is the difference between client and staff accounts?

Staff accounts are intended for employees at your agency that will need access to edit reports, dashboards, create campaigns and more. Client accounts are intended for your agency's customers, and have limited abilities compared to Staff accounts.

Both allow you, as the agency account owner, to restrict which data a given user is allowed to view, and which actions they can take within the account. For a more detailed breakdown check out our comparison guide here.

Q: Is it possible to switch an existing staff account to a client account, or vice versa?

After creating a user account it's not possible to switch this to a different user type. Instead delete the existing staff or client first, then create a new staff or client user.

Q: Can a staff account be switched to the role of administrator?

AgencyAnalytics accounts currently support a single administrator account. For this reason, staff user accounts cannot be converted into an administrator account.

Instead, if your plan supports the customization of permissions, you can enable permissions on a staff account to give them many of the same permissions Admin accounts have. Alternatively, if you wish to change the current administrator, please refer to these steps.

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