How to create a staff account

Click the "Users" tab from your root campaign dashboard.

If you are creating new users for the very first time, you can click the "Create User" button in the middle of the screen.

Alternatively, you may click "Create User" on the upper right hand corner.

The "Create User" wizard will appear, and you'll be guided through the entire process. First, choose whether you want to create a Staff user or a Client user.

Note: If you're a staff user, the wizard will skip this part and will automatically select Client User since only the account's admin user can create staff accounts.

On the "Login" screen, fill out the user's contact information. For a more professional look, we also recommend uploading a photo for the user whenever possible. To do so, click the "Browse File" button on the right and upload the photo. You'll also have the option to email the login credentials to the user. Click "Continue" when you're done.

Note: If a user was previously using our older "username" method log in, you'll also see a "username" option when editing the user's account.

On the "Campaigns" screen, you can to choose the campaigns that this staff user will be able to access and modify. You'll see two options here: You can choose "All Campaigns" to give them access to all campaigns, or choose "Restricted" to assign one or more specific campaign(s) that they can view and manage. You can use the search box to easily find campaigns if you need to give restricted access. Any campaigns that are checked (with a blue tick) will be accessible by this user.

On the next screen you'll be able to set the user's permissions. You can select "Default", which will give the staff user access to everything except the ability to set up/edit integrations. You can choose "Customize" to specify the exact features and integrations the user can access, or you can choose "Clone" to copy the same permission settings from an existing staff user.

If you choose "Customize", you'll see all available permissions for staff users. If a switch is green, it means the user can access that feature.

You can also click through to toggle access to deeper subsections of our platform, or user the "General" option to toggle access to other functions.

If you choose to clone another staff user's permissions, you'll see all of your other staff users listed. Choose one, and their permissions will be copied to the new staff user.

Click "Continue" to finish and create the account.

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