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The Activity area logs the actions of you and your team within each campaign.

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What is the Activity area?

The Activity tab shows a list of actions performed by you or your team on each campaign. These actions range from logging in, to creating a report, adding keywords, creating users, and more!

What is on the Activity screen?

When you click on Activity, you will see four columns populate the screen: Date, Action, Category, and User.

The definitions for these are as follows:

  • Date - The full date and time of the action.

  • Action - The activity performed.

  • Category - The category of the activity.

  • User - The name of the user responsible for the activity.

By default, the list is sorted by the most recent activity at the top (date). You can sort the list using another column as you please, just click on the column name to do so.

Can I filter the data?

Yes, you definitely can! By default, it will use the current period you last picked when you opened a campaign. You can change this to filter the logs for a specific reporting period, simply by clicking the date range in the upper right, and selecting the new time frame.

The next filtering option is to filter by campaign. To get started, click on the settings button in the top right.

Clicking on the campaign dropdown shows a list of campaigns for you to choose from. Selecting a campaign will filter the log to show actions for that campaign only.

Can I share this data?

Yes! You can do this by clicking the ellipsis that appears when you hover over the top right of the table, and then clicking on Share.

You will have two available options: Copy and Download.

  • Copy - This will copy the results as an image which you can paste to any application (an image editor, a spreadsheet, etc.)

  • Download - This will download an image file to your device.

Note that both options will copy/download the information using the currently listed results.

And that's it! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel welcome to reach out to our support team via the chat button or email.

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