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Everything you need to know about staff and client users.

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Agencies often have multiple users who need to view or manage different campaigns. We allow you to give anyone access to our platform, and you can customize their access so they only see what you want them to. This access is granted via a user account.

User accounts allow you to share real-time marketing updates with every client and staff member, as well as allow them to access all of our tools and integrations. You can give each client their own login, and impress them with a fully customized dashboard that highlights your agency's achievements.

Type of User Accounts

You can create either staff or client user accounts:

  • Staff user accounts can manage campaigns, dashboards, reports, and integrations. These accounts can toggle their own metrics, and they have access to our support channels.

  • You can give your clients their own login by creating a client user account. They can view their customized dashboards, reports, and tasks. You can also choose to allow your clients to export data and set up integrations. Unless you've specified otherwise, client users generally have read-only access to data.

Managing Users

You can navigate to your Users Control Panel via the left side menu in your root account level dashboard.

This is where you can see all of your account's users, create new ones, and manage existing ones. This is where you can also log in as a client or a staff user to test their permissions and view the dashboard exactly as it will appear to them.

Create New User Accounts

You can create both staff and client user accounts in the Users Control Panel by clicking on "Create User" at the top right of the page.

For each user, you'll be able to fill out the user's contact information, upload a display photo, and assign them to campaigns. If your AgencyAnalytics subscription allows, you can also specify the exact features the user can access.

See here for step-by-step guide for creating staff user accounts and client user accounts.

Modify Existing User Accounts

You might find yourself needing to edit a user account after it has been created. Navigate to the User control panel to do so (see here for a step-by-step guide).

You can update the user's account photo, username, and email. You can also modify their campaign access and permissions.

Manage User Permissions

Note: This feature is only available on some of our plans.

You can assign or modify permissions for existing user accounts. Simply hover over the user you want to edit, click on the pencil button, and select "Edit Permissions".

For example, within these permissions, you can allow users to connect their own integrations. You can also clone an existing user's permissions when creating new user accounts.

For more information, we have step-by-step guides for assigning permissions for staff user accounts and client user accounts.

Manage User Account Passwords

You can reset a user's password by utilizing our Forgot Password link. Navigate to the custom white labeled URL for your company (the user's login page), then select the "Forgot Password" option and follow the prompts.

You can also set a new password for a user by editing the user account. See here for more information on updating passwords.

Delete User Accounts

If a staff or client no longer works with your agency, you have the option to delete their user account. Hover over the user you wish to delete and click on the trash can icon.

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